PHP Bootcamp

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PHP Bootcamp


PHP Object Oriented Programming is now the gold standard expected by a large number of companies (and especially among e-commerce websites). The problem? There are never enough programmers out there who really, really know what they’re doing with PHP OOP. By getting to grips with it, you can not only build better websites; you can reduce the many hours of coding normally needed to create them too. This bootcamp course will show you how.

Build high performance, dynamic web pages with PHP OOP

  • Learn the modern day programming approach demanded by most companies
  • Build, design, create and structure advanced dynamic web pages
  • Understand how to maintain and organise PHP code
  • Separate code into objects to harness the full power of PHP
  • Gain an extensive knowledge of Object Oriented Programming


PHP is a widely used programming language that’s especially suitable for web development and e-commerce. Object Oriented Programming is a programming model often used with PHP. With OOP, programmers define not just the data type of a data structure, but the functions that can be applied to it too.

What Will I Learn?

  • Create, maintain, design, and enhance objected-oriented features to web projects.
  • Build high-performance dynamic web pages.
  • Separate code into objects to easily use the full power of these features.

Topics for this course

Introduction to the Course

Essential Constructs

The PHP Object

The Constructor/Destructor Magic Method

Static Class Attributes,Constants and Methods

Class Inheritance

Final Project


Bonus Material



  • Students should be familiar with the basics of HTML and PHP. We will be downloading and installing the necessary software to perform our examples throughout the course. The software we will be using is “WAMP” and Python IDLE.

Target Audience

  • The ideal student for this course is for a basic html developer who is looking towards learning how to enhance, maintain, and build highly driven dynamic web pages.