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HADOOP- Big Data


Big data is a collection of large datasets which cannot be processed using the traditional techniques. Big data uses various tools and techniques to collect and process the data. Big data deals with all types of data including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data. Big data is used in various fields data like

  • Black box data
  • Social media data
  • Stock exchange data
  • Power Grid Data
  • Transport Data
  • Search Engine Data

Big data has become very important and it is emerging as one of the crucial technologies in today’s world. The benefits of big data are listed below

Big data can be used by the companies to know the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns, promotions and other advertising media

Big data helps the companies to plan their production

Using the information provided through Big data companies can deliver better and quick service to their customers

Big data helps in better decision making in the companies which will increase the operational efficiencies and reduces the risk of the business

Big data handles huge volume of data in real time and thus enables data privacy and security to a great extent

Challenges faced by Big Data

The major challenges of big data are as follows

  • Curation
  • Storage
  • Searching
  • Transfer
  • Analysis
  • Presentation

Hadoop is an open source software framework which is used for storing data of any type. It also helps in running applications on group of hardware. Hadoop has huge processing power and it can handle more number of tasks. Open source software here means it is free to download and use. But there are also commercial versions of Hadoop which is becoming available in the market. There are four basic components of Hadoop – Hadoop Common, Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS), MapReduce and Yet Another Resource Negotiator (YARN).

Hadoop is used by most of the organizations because of its ability to store and process huge amount of any type of data. The other benefits of Hadoop includes

  • Computing Power
  • Flexibility
  • Fault Tolerance
  • Low Cost
  • Scalability

Hadoop is used by many of the organization’s today because of its following uses

Low cost storage and active data archive

Staging area for a data warehouse and analytics store

Data lake

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn the concepts of Hadoop and Big Data
  • Learn in details the concepts of MapReduce, HDFS, HIVE, PIG
  • Learn Mahout, NoSQL, Oozie, Flume, Storm, Avro, Spark, Sqoop, Cloudera and more
  • Perform Data Analytics using Hadoop
  • Master the concepts of Hadoop framework
  • Get experience on different configurations of Hadoop cluster
  • Work with real-time projects using Hadoop

Topics for this course

1 Lessons

Big Data and Hadoop Training Introduction

Introduction to Big Data Hadoop00:00:00

Hadoop Architecture and HDFS

MapReduce Fundamentals

MapReduce Advanced

HIVE Fundamentals

Hive Advanced

PIG Fundamentals

PIG Advanced

NoSQL Fundamentals

Apache Mahout

Apache Oozie

Apache Flume

Apache Storm

Apache Avro

Apache Spark Fundamentals

Apache Spark Advanced

Hadoop Project 01 – Sales Data Analysis

Hadoop Project 02 – Tourism Survey Analysis

Hadoop Project 03 – Faculty Data Management

Hadoop Project 04 – E-Commerce Sales Analysis

Hadoop Project 05 – Salary Analysis

Hadoop Project 06 – Health Survey Analysis using HDFS

Hadoop Project:07 – Traffic Violation Analysis

Hadoop Project 08 – PIG/MapReduce – Analyze Loan

Hadoop Project:09 – HIVE – Case Study on Telecom Industry

Hadoop Project:10 – HIVE/MapReduce – Customers Complaints Analysis

Hadoop Project 11 – HIVE/PIG/MapReduce/Sqoop – Social Media Analysis

Hadoop Project 12 – HIVE/PIG – Sensor Data Analysis

Hadoop Project 13 – PIG/MapReduce – Youtube Data Analysis

Hadoop and HDFS Fundamentals on Cloudera

Log Data Analysis with Hadoop

3,000.00 2,500.00


  • Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Basic knowledge of Java and SQL will serve as an added advantage
  • No prior knowledge is required. The course starts from scratch and will go to an advanced level with different projects
  • There are no special skills needed to take this Hadoop course